Alchemy Brushes

Alchemy Photoshop brushes Inspired by transmutation circles from the anime Full Metal Alchemist!



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9 responses to “Alchemy Brushes”

  1. gh0st Avatar

    Hey ! Up please ! The file doesn’t work !!

  2. GoNkZ Avatar

    Hi, The brushes saw so cool, but photoshop says me: “Couldt dont brushes…” can you tell me how fix them or a new download link, please?? thanks

  3. Zan Avatar

    gives an unexpected error while extracting

  4. Drav' Avatar

    Amazing brushes but I couldn’t install them, same error as Juan :/.

  5. Juan Manuel Avatar
    Juan Manuel

    Awesome brushes they seem, but I couldn’t neither install it. I tried on two MacBooks and it gives me the same error message: “Could not load the brushes because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered”. What a pity. 🙁

  6. Malpalz Avatar

    Wow que pinceles tan geniales asi es como me gustan los pinceles 😀

  7. Shreya Avatar

    Doesn’t work. Heh. :/

  8. Mao Avatar

    So awesome, but I can’t extract it somehow =A= Oh bad!

  9. Mando Avatar

    I really love this brush concept. However, it seems the file doesn’t work. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks!