Descent Brushes

Another awesome Axeraider70 brush set that’s really more than just “Decent”.






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  1. Aardwoof Avatar

    In order to put photoshop brushes (like this one) onto gimp first you will need gimp 2.4 or higher. Now, first, learn how to install normal gimp brushes onto gimp. You can find that on youtube. Now that you know how to put a .gbr (thats the file that normal gimp brushes have) take your .abr that you just downloaded, and click and drag that .abr into the file where gimp brushes are. Basically, just treat the .abr just like its a normal .gbr
    For Windows 7 users you can find the place to put the gimp brushes here: C:\Users\yournamehere\.gimp-2.6\brushes

    You now have a photoshop brush on gimp. 🙂

  2. joe Avatar

    does these brushes work on gimp?

  3. joe Avatar

    uhhh…..does this work on gimp?

  4. Azh Avatar


  5. Ha Thanh Avatar
    Ha Thanh

    That’s so great. Thanks a lot

  6. Will Avatar

    Sweet brushes! Thanks! I just got GIMP and am learning to use it. These will go great for my first project.

  7. Nem Avatar

    erm well this is my first time using photoshop im not sure how to add the file i downloaded onto the acutall photoshop do i extract it or something…please send a message back please thanks.

  8. Rob Avatar

    I don’t think he meant decent as in so-so. I think it’s called descent as in to go downward

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  10. rasuol Avatar

    very tankio

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    how to? i’m using in my google reader and it redirects to feedburners'( is it possible to add your feed to big thanks

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    Most people prefer feedburner.. isn’t there a way you could add the feed to google that way you can see new feeds with out using feedburner?

  13. Sparanoid Avatar

    hi man, plz, plz don’t use feedburner redirects for your rss feed, becuz i can’t accesss feedburner in my area (banned)

    thx! your fans