Dimension Brushes

A set of 13 high resolution (minimum 836px, maximum 1500px) Photoshop brushes.






14 responses to “Dimension Brushes”

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  2. Darco Avatar

    wow… keren banged. terima kasih

  3. Cgbaran Avatar

    Great brushs i used in one of my tutorials

  4. rodrigo Avatar

    para mi los mejores brushes q probe MUY BUENO GRACIAS…

  5. cahndu Avatar

    nice work….Thanks..!!

  6. andre Avatar

    yes, works on cs5 copy the file to present/brush

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  8. by-paik Avatar

    oh! I like it! I think it works at CS4… my photoshop verson is CS4..
    Anyway, Thanks a lot

  9. jonatan Avatar

    How do i know if it works with cs5? My photoshop does not load the file… 🙁