Explosion Brush

Great explosion brush with the average size brush of 2000 × 1500






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  3. Verda Kirtdoll Avatar

    Hi, I Simply wish to say your article is surprising. The clearness in your post is just great and I can assume you are an expert on this topic. With your permission, I would like using a couple of your great thoughts. Thanks a million and please carry on the gratifying work.

  4. pompano Avatar

    Looks awesome I might have put these on my Gaming Forum

  5. julfo Avatar

    Works brilliantly in GIMP – try it if you cant get PS to work. Thank you very much for this.

  6. Jeef Avatar

    Nice man, save my life! thanks ;D

  7. sugar go Avatar
    sugar go

    make it in PS7 guys,,pls.. thank:)

  8. Anna Avatar

    Why is it saying its not compatible with PS 7?

  9. Petra Avatar

    Fantastic ! Thanks

  10. zebedee Avatar

    I’ve found a way to do the gradient.

    You first put the explosion on a seperate layer, then you add a layer.
    You then fill the layer in a gradient.
    Then you create a clipping mask. As for the colours… you just have to play with that to get what you want.

    I hope this helps. 😉

  11. rameshkennedy Avatar

    This set is more worthy

  12. jenny Avatar

    it doesnt show up :[! and i have ps2. can anyone help ??

  13. Jaspal Singh Avatar

    nice coloured lines

  14. Jesse Avatar

    I think its gradient map or Color replacement.

  15. rafa xr Avatar
    rafa xr

    super cool tank.. lol

  16. abe Avatar

    ok questions…
    how did you get the colors to change as they go further out on the lines?
    how did you get them to fade out too?
    awesome picture!

  17. Jumper_lm Avatar

    Muito Show!!!!!!!