Grass Brushes

This Grassland set contains 36 Grass brushes for photoshop 7 and up. the preview doesn’t show much but trust there pretty good 🙂







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  1. daz Avatar

    thanks nice brushes

  2. Trev Avatar

    Really great brushes – suits my project. Thanks

  3. Autumn Avatar

    Hi! I really want to use these, but how do you use them once you download them? Thanks! These look really great, by the way.:]

  4. Angela Fernihough Avatar

    Thank you – these are lovely – have used them in a pic I’m putting up on my blog and I will do a link back.

  5. vijay Avatar

    thanks for this

  6. Asif Avatar

    Thanks bro really useful

  7. Andréa Duarte Avatar
    Andréa Duarte


  8. thej Avatar

    very useful one dude…thank u..

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  10. shank Avatar

    thanx boss…:)

  11. shank Avatar

    thanx boss… 🙂

  12. staykalm Avatar

    stunning brushes thank you

  13. mares-mar-mararena Avatar

    Great brushes ! Thank you so much for share ! blessings !

  14. staykalm Avatar

    Thank you just what I was looking for

  15. sumek Avatar

    nice brush very good ..thanx u…

  16. sumek Avatar

    nice it vrey good thanx u..

  17. Anand Avatar

    Thank u very much for downloading the grass pattern

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  19. Joel Smith Avatar

    Super awesome brush, Midnightstouch. I really enjoyed looking through your other brush designs. Definitely gonna try to use them in my web designs! 🙂

  20. Simphiwe Tebe Avatar
    Simphiwe Tebe

    Thanks very much! Best brushes anyone can give. Keep up the good work.

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  25. uchey Avatar

    this brushes are absolutely wonderful……..i have been loiking to get something like this……thankx you very much…you are real good

  26. handoyo Avatar

    Thanks for the brush…

  27. sharon ruth Avatar
    sharon ruth

    This was really helpful at the right time. Much appreciated

  28. Nona Avatar

    Thank you so much for this GREAT grass brushes!!!

  29. Kroll33 Avatar

    Thank you very much..Some of the other brushes I couldn’t use…But this for version 7

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  31. anonym Avatar

    Perfect! thanks, I was looking after gras brush, but never found someone. thanks a lot!

  32. Liora Avatar

    Fabulous brushes that are really nice. Thank you so much!

  33. Liz Avatar

    Bless you. Great heart in art.

  34. Ronda Avatar

    I agree…best grass brush out there. Too bad I can’t use it in PSP. 🙁 I wish all artists would provide image packs so I could get good brushes.

  35. ali Avatar

    wow, excelent, this’s what i’m looking for, thanks a lot

  36. Lloyd Avatar

    Great brushes great for my montages with models in outdoor settings. Thanks!

  37. Deepak Avatar

    vey nice brushes

  38. Vicente Avatar

    Very nice, thanks for it ;D

  39. Evelyn Avatar

    Awesome brushes!!! Just what I need for some papers I’m working on ! TY!!

  40. Andrea B Avatar
    Andrea B

    I did a project for a t-shirt using the grass brushes. These brushed saved the day making the t-shirt.
    thanks for sharing…

  41. Mr Bee Avatar
    Mr Bee

    Wow! very nice- thank you!

  42. lora Avatar

    very nice, very nice!!!

  43. bigjoe Avatar

    wow this is another gr8 brush agian…

  44. Amit Avatar

    it’s very usefull think you don & thanks for sharing your talent!! bcus you save a lot of time to create grass effect for designers.

  45. Risa Avatar

    Love your work and thanks soooo much for sharing 🙂

  46. xashee Avatar

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent!! 😀

  47. Susanne Avatar

    awesome grass brushes, thanks a lot!

  48. Joshua Perina Avatar

    This is fantastic, going to put it to use right away. Thanks so much!

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  50. ANURAM Avatar

    it’s like reality

  51. Whitney Avatar

    Perfect! Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much!

  52. coldframe Avatar

    I agree – an excellent grass set – even when viewing the preview above! Great brush set.

  53. kriss Avatar

    honestly this is surly the best grass brush out there, and take my word for it i have been searching for almost 3 hours.

    thank you to the author and thanks to who ever made this site.