Fractal Brush

Okay, so these brushes are free for any use, including commerical. If you use them please credit me, a link to my deviant page would suffice. Also I would love it if anyone uses these in some thing they drop me a link of their work.

These brushes are at the highest resolution photoshop would allow. Each one took about 6 to 10 hours to render so i hope they are useful. If there are any questions, suggestions, or problems, feel free to ask.



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16 responses to “Fractal Brush”

  1. Mungo Avatar

    Love your brushes, thank you

  2. Antonio Avatar

    He de decirle a Vd., que son magníficos pinceles, y todo lo que representa, suelo hacer ejercicios, y voy practicando con ellos algo, y no con otro fin.

    Muy agradecido, Un Saludo,

  3. Thomas Avatar

    Putting that license on the file was very generous of you. Keep it going!

  4. dan Avatar

    WOW. And for free too. You are a gent and a scholar. Thank you.

  5. Enrique Avatar

    ¡Gracias por compartir!

  6. LEWIS Avatar

    thank so much for taking the time to make these ,they look very cool

  7. small star Avatar
    small star

    Thanks very much, I’m first time come here,very happy!!!

  8. Hengky Pesik Avatar
    Hengky Pesik

    very beautyful,

  9. Lloyd Avatar

    Absolutely amazing brushes, a work of art in itself. Many thanks for sharing.

  10. David Wilder Avatar
    David Wilder

    Sharing a brush of this complexity is extremely generous but allowing us to reach higher ground through your talent is pure kindness.

    Thanks again.

  11. beli Avatar

    These are really beautiful. Thanks for shareing.

  12. Nasdreas Avatar

    Tnx 4 sharing pretty good

  13. Voices Avatar

    Thanks a ton for this brush. This is gr8.

  14. Voices Avatar

    Thanks a ton for this brush.

  15. Paradise Avatar

    This is quite good brush. Thanks for this.

  16. admin Avatar

    thanks for sharing this set.