Abstract Vol 6

Abstract brushes Vol 6. 7 in the set be sure to visit his gallery for more brushes.






25 responses to “Abstract Vol 6”

  1. juegos de mario Avatar

    Los diseños son espectaculares, ideales para hacer presentaciones en vídeo de empresas o eventos. 😉


  2. rien Avatar

    gooooooooood . . .

  3. neno Avatar

    thanx alot

  4. whois42 Avatar

    thanks for brush god bless you

  5. hubii Avatar

    100 X tnx for sharing :d

  6. crescencio junior Avatar
    crescencio junior

    he he he he
    achei aqui todo o que eu precisava para expor a minha criatividade
    boa sorte pa voces ya

  7. ChuChuBaka! Avatar

    This dosent make sence?
    it comes in an ABR file?
    and when you open it, it brings you to photoshop and nothing shows, why cant we just download it in an jpeg file as an image and make brushes.
    ?!??! bad quality.

  8. Subinoy Avatar

    how can i glow or dodge….the brush effect

  9. Aathif Avatar

    Nice Brushes

  10. Pravind FIsher Avatar
    Pravind FIsher

    These rushes are amazing…gonna use em all..thx dude

  11. web2000 Avatar

    so many great brushes on this site.. must double my design efforts and use them all!!

  12. Likedme Avatar

    man this is a good brush but i dont even know why i download this bruches if i dont know how to add glow to it or any effect…..if any of you know where i can get a nice tutorial of add glow or colors to it my email is guevyy@hotmail.com…help me…

  13. mehdi Avatar

    hello my mehdi very very good i love you

  14. Smith Avatar

    nice , but can modified even better..
    Good luck !!

  15. jinely loves chiidur! ♥ Avatar
    jinely loves chiidur! ♥

    cool designs!

  16. Alx Avatar

    Thanx, are awesome!

  17. ammouna Avatar

    thanks, very cool

  18. ten ten Avatar
    ten ten

    nice just what i need ..

  19. deja vu Avatar

    Thank you for this unique work

    Piece of art 🙂 good luck

  20. charlie Avatar

    wow these are awesome, I will use these alot