Revnart Smoke Brushes

Revnart Smoke brushes for Photoshop CS3
This brushes pack contains 30 high resolution brushes from 800 to 1500 pixels.

There are different versions of smoke,
pack is completely free for both free and commercial use.






45 responses to “Revnart Smoke Brushes”

  1. Deepak Sudera Avatar

    thanx to share your Tutorials….its a great colection.

    thanx again
    Deepak sudera( Deesu)

  2. pasakr Avatar

    Can I use this on PS5, or any similar tool?

  3. nesh Avatar

    Is this compatible with cs4 extended version

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  5. kidstea Avatar

    мало кистей

  6. Aisu Avatar

    I love these brushes so much, i love this smoke brush so much, very very useful for GIMP 2.6 -Heart-

  7. poli reddy sadda Avatar
    poli reddy sadda

    Brushes are very useful for cs3

  8. Caramel Craze Avatar

    Thanks for the brush!

  9. jalu Avatar

    close your Photoshop
    1, you need to unzip/unrar the file
    2, open the extraction file, copy the .abr file
    3, go to this address in explorer and paste the file,
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Brushes
    4, open photoshop

  10. mark Avatar

    I have downloaded and installed the brushes but I dont know which among the brushes is the smoke brush. help please..

  11. Rene Avatar

    Peter, u need to unzip the brushes to a folder, then u have to load it into your brushes presets.

  12. Peter Forshaw Avatar
    Peter Forshaw

    How do i install these? When i try to load them in my brush presets, i go to al the right folders they’re in, but they don’t show up. i think it’s because they might be a zip file. Can you please tell me waht to do.

  13. Ezra Avatar

    BEAUTIFUL! One of the best brushes I have ever used! The versatility, the diversity. I loved it ALL! I have used these brushes on my latest album cover and will certainly use them again!

  14. Sylarman5 Avatar

    Thank you very much Ravn89, your brushe is great, congruatulation

  15. Nurbig Avatar

    Чон Рахмат!!! Мага жардамы тийди.

  16. Rion Avatar

    thanks for the cool brushes…
    what a great website..
    thanks a lot…

  17. Kishar ahmed Avatar
    Kishar ahmed

    Thanks a lot.. gr8 site where we can develop our skills trough ur products… once again thanks:)

  18. Robin Avatar

    THis was really a best post and was useful for my project thank u qbrushes 🙂

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  21. Zhu Wenjuan Avatar

    Very strong, and also useless. Thank providers!

  22. rokon Avatar

    how i can set this brush to photoshop

  23. Luciser Avatar

    it’s delicious ..

  24. sachidananda dehury Avatar

    wow that web site are greatest web site i ever seen
    thanks for that lovely brushes

  25. martin kell Avatar
    martin kell

    Is it possible to use these brushes with Photoshop 7? They look brilliant and am disappointed that they are for CS3. So are they definately not compatible with 7?

  26. major Avatar

    Very cool brush!!!!

  27. x daem Avatar
    x daem

    I cant oppen it with Winrar.

  28. D6 Designs Avatar

    Best brush set on here !

  29. Eng.Fadi Avatar

    Thats So Good But I didn’t try it yet.

  30. Oscvar Avatar

    Hey good brushes. Witch font is in the preview?

  31. sour Avatar


  32. bluernie Avatar

    thanks for these stuffs, am a visual artist and these stuffs really help me a lot to give my works with new spices…..weehaw, thanks revnart!

  33. jerry Avatar

    what programme do you use to install it?
    I cant install it yet, Im stuck in winrar

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  35. baim Avatar

    very cool brush, thx for sharing em

  36. bond Avatar

    wow that web site are greatest web site i ever seen
    thanks for that lovely brushes