Solid Splatter

Solid Ink Splatter Photoshop brushes Add grunge to your artwork with this set of 50 artistic ink splatters. These ink splatters were created from acrylic ink then scanned at high resolution for excellent edge sharpness. Get your Solid Ink Splatter Photoshop today!

– Works with Photoshop 5 or newer. High resolution brushes compatible with Photoshop 7 or newer.
– No credits required.
– May be use for commercial artwork.
– Higher resolution brushes available here






7 responses to “Solid Splatter”

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  2. natasha Avatar

    how do i use it after i dl it??? help 🙁

  3. Haris Avatar

    AWESOME work…

    Thanks so much for the help 🙂

  4. watblud Avatar

    I just wanted to comment lol.
    Ermm, its ok the brush is, could be better.