Sparkles Brush

This is a great set of brushes for adding a little “sparkle” to your projects. There are a variety of brushes included in the set that work great for adding highlights to photographs and twinkling stars in your skies.



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13 responses to “Sparkles Brush”

  1. Paul Pettit Avatar
    Paul Pettit

    I LOVE one of your brushes especially…the main one shown on this site! I was using it for a project I started about a month ago…I use two layers…back layer I use in color and make it large, then directly over the top of a color star, a smaller, solid white. It blends it out just that extra little bit…Anyway…I recently did some computer doctoring on my mac by logging on as root and changing my home folder and recreating a new admin…to make a long story short, I can’t access your brush on my own computer and I haven’t finished the project. I couldn’t remember where I got it… I have downloaded oodles of star brushes, and no one makes this one with the almost equal length light spokes…If I had created it, that is how I would have done it. But I am in such a hurry with this thing…Anyway…love it and thanks so much…

  2. sven Avatar

    Awesome brush! Thanks very much! 🙂

  3. soe the blogwalker Avatar

    that sparkle have saved my life!!! thank u so much! they’re awesome!

  4. Ader Avatar

    sencillamente perfectas

  5. tintations Avatar

    I really like these stars.
    Very beautiful 🙂

  6. simon.cdlee Avatar

    many thanks! really good.

  7. awei Avatar

    very good!china

  8. Beau Valentine Avatar

    These are so awesome. I’m impressed! i know i can’t do anything like this.

  9. Sekai Takahashi Avatar

    The brushes are really beautiful, I feel such feeling of nostalgia when i create images with it.. they’re really nice.

  10. yadig Avatar


  11. fahm'x Avatar

    thx 4 the brushes…..its a cool

  12. S.Sivarupan(trinco) Avatar

    very nice…i like it this brushes wel done,…