Stalk Brushes

Nice vector style brushes for photoshop with plenty of objects that could be used for design. Non-Commercial use only, Please read the Terms of Use



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14 responses to “Stalk Brushes”

  1. Rozz Avatar

    Very Cool!

  2. EducationBux Avatar

    Thanks for the brush!

  3. Sanjeev Khadka Avatar

    Thankyour author for the non commercial set.

  4. Edna B Avatar

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous brushes. I just love them.

  5. warly cunanan Avatar

    thanks for sharing wonderful

  6. Arjima Avatar

    Thanks a lot

  7. Lucifersam-sama Avatar

    Simply creative.i loved the effect that can be achieved with these brushes.sadly i think i stumbled on your work a bit too late.I had purchased a tee with the same print used on it,in the same style.I just hope you got paid for it man.Good luck.keep up the great work!!Three cheers.

  8. vzango Avatar

    perfect collections!!!!!!

  9. lichengnan Avatar


  10. shin Avatar

    thanks for sharing brushes

  11. DarinK Avatar

    super coool!!!! great job!! xoxo

  12. Desilon Avatar

    I think these brushes are FABULOUS! and this website has the best brushes ever. I hope you make more brushes. Thanks!

  13. admin Avatar

    thanks for sharing these great set of brushes, I’ve adjusted the main OP, i also need to fix some of the sites CSS style for links so its more noticeable.

    thanks again.

  14. Mel Avatar

    Hi, I’m the author of this brush set. Just like to point out that this set is for non commercial use only. Read the terms of use here: