Ultimate Brush 3

I’ve decided that every 7 brush sets i will be introducing an ultimate brush pack for those 7. These are brushes of the 3rd series. A series is just when I define a phase in my brush making that you can see a difference in styles and what not. Plus it sounds cool..

Life brushes
Darius brushes
Zone brushes
Decimation brushes
Godspeed brushes
Halo 3 Medals brushes
Genesis brushes







26 responses to “Ultimate Brush 3”

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  2. Dzone Avatar

    Hey does this work on Cs5?

    btw, great idea and awesome packs (:

    Keep it up (y)

  3. noname Avatar

    not compatible for cs3

  4. Having a wee extract problem Avatar
    Having a wee extract problem

    There are several useless files with duplicate names that are preventing me from extracting what I want. If I click ‘replace file with same name’ I get the file, not the folder. It can’t extract individually, and I can’t delete the files from within the zipped folder. Does anyone have a solution?

  5. kiko Avatar

    dude this works in photoshop 3?

  6. bin you Avatar

    `Thank you, very good taking away the land

  7. Accounting Teacher Avatar

    I greatly appriciate your work. I Shall try to spread words about your work as much as possible.

  8. Sophie Avatar

    Theyare so freaking cool.
    thanks for your shearing, we really appreciate that. 😀

  9. alfonso cano Avatar
    alfonso cano

    soy de edad avanzada pero disfruto mucho con photoshop


  10. anonyumous Avatar

    By any chance are these compatible with photoshop elements?

  11. G-no Avatar

    GREAT man, i absolutely loved the halo 3 brushes 😛
    tried creating the medals myself in illustrator, this is sooo much more easy 😀 😛 (A)
    thanks a lot bud 😉

  12. kareem Avatar

    good work man

  13. admin Avatar

    they should work on photoshop cs2 and cs3..

  14. Alicia Avatar

    Do you happen to have a set that is compatible with CS2? – my system is not loading the brushes up after downloading.

    I’m sorry to bother you.

  15. Jake Avatar

    great pack, thanks 😀

  16. Digital Avatar

    That is insanely nice.

  17. omar Avatar

    Wow :O very nice this pack

  18. charlie Avatar

    great idea! this makes it easier to upload them all at once 🙂