Xplosion Brushes

This pack contains 7 explosion effect brushes for photoshop cs/cs2/cs3. please do not use this for commercial means without permission.






33 responses to “Xplosion Brushes”

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  2. xxxx Avatar

    Gorgeous brush, may I use it in my entry for a credit card design competition?

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  5. bp Avatar

    how to apply it in photoshop

  6. Patricia Avatar

    Love the brushes!
    I’ll be using if for a tee design to submit for threadless 🙂

  7. ebroyslash Avatar

    fcking ashole…..but really nice…

  8. Wadesta Avatar

    Awesome brush looking forward to designing more… a new world awaits

  9. Bright eyes Avatar
    Bright eyes

    Very useful Thank you 🙂

  10. mihai Avatar

    Very useful. Thanks!

  11. MrTHeErnie Avatar

    this is the best ones so far, i also like how there is more than just one brush for use, and the resolution doesn’t matter because it is going to be blurry all the time, works best when you have all 7 brushes with a different shade of red and one with a grey for the smoke

  12. sylarman5 Avatar

    Thank you very mush my brother, you’re the best

  13. Pilot Avatar

    Means not using the brushes itself for commercial purposes or to use the brushes in commercial artwork?
    If you can*t use them in your commercial artwork they are worthles … 🙁

  14. Pacquiao Mosley Avatar

    5 star! This fire explosion brush is perfect for my boxing blog. Thanks!

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  16. Margarito Pacquiao Avatar

    I’m really happy I found your blog. This will be a good tool for me. I am a photographer and I sometimes need this kind of brushes.

  17. Tamika Avatar

    I love you….lol

  18. KoMolTo Avatar

    Where i can get Plug-ins

  19. doug Avatar

    Thanks for the brushes.

  20. Nin Avatar

    Thanks for the helping hand.

  21. TheSuperviza Avatar

    They should work in CS4, all the brush sets I’ve grabbed off here have worked just fine in CS4.

  22. tim Avatar

    yep Ron, hit the drop down menu in brushes , pick load brushes, replace or append, append adds them to what is already there..then scroll down to the bottom of the list of brushes and there they are…dont know about cs4 but shouldnt be any reason why not..they are just brushes

  23. OBXAdmin1 Avatar

    I wonder…will these work in PSCS4?

  24. Qbrushes Avatar

    http://10steps.sg/ and http://psdtuts.com have some great tutorial that you should check out.

  25. Ron Avatar

    Thnks for this brushes…Im new in photoshop so its really making me so excited to use these brushes..but how do you use them…can you give me some pointers. do i have to installe them?

  26. tonz2 Avatar

    I can’t figure out how to use them. They’re shades of black in gimp.

  27. junjun Avatar

    this is what i need ..thanks

  28. Froz Avatar

    Thanks dude. these brushes is what i was looking for.