Q:How do i sign up for an extended licence seller account?
A: To be included into QV extended licence program you will need to do the follow:

  • 1- Register for an account here
  • 2- Submit your brush Set with all the required details here
  • 3- Wait for moderation to verify ownership of your brush set.
  • 4- Once your brush set has been verified and you seller account activated you will find a new link titled “seller account” in your menu.

Q:What type of licneces are found on Qbrushes.net?
A:Below are detailed links to each licence found on QB

  • Creative commons
  • GPL
  • Extended Licence Agreement

Q:Why aren’t my submissions showing up in my profile?
A: Please make sure to enter your username upon submission for them to show up.

Q:How can i get in touch with you?
A: Feel free to contact me at admin [@] qbrushes.com

Q:How long does it take for submission to be showcased/published on Qbrushes.net?
A: Submission are updated on a weekly basis so please be patient 🙂

Q:I’ve registered but when i try to login it says “ERROR: Invalid username. Lost your password?”
A: Avoid copy/pasting your username or password when logging in, if you do you will end up with this error message, if this isn’t the case then try reseting your password.