Light Brushes

Not very high resolution but good quality abstract brushes that can come in handy.






9 responses to “Light Brushes”

  1. Brusher Avatar

    IT’s CoOL ThAnX!

  2. Xee.O Avatar

    Thanks! =)

  3. Jaspal Singh Avatar

    like the light effects

  4. gema Avatar

    thanks for sharing!!! amazing designer and obviously a great human being…

  5. RedDevil Avatar

    Maybe Joseph is uncool by ur standards Celestine, but these basic mistakes in grammar add up to a big thing… And anyways, put a negative effect on some people so they get distraced from the actual subject : THE BRUSHES to the LANGUAGE

    Though anyways…. Good Job Rubina

  6. Celestine Crower Avatar

    Eye’m sry, i shudn’t b so kriteical awn Josoff, he iz jes tyin’ ta b kul. ):

    (It’s obvious sarcasm is heavy in this comment.)

  7. Celestine Crower Avatar

    Well, unlike Joseph, I find these brushes to be pretty amazing. Grammar mistake aside, keep it up. Joseph, don’t be a douche. Intellectual grammar nazi’s are not cool. ):

  8. Joseph Avatar

    “Ligth” is spelled “Light”.