Category: Splatter

  • Twelve Spray Splatter

    Twelve high resolution splatter photoshop brushes, each brush is around 2500 pixels in size.

  • Painted Strokes HQ

    Twenty Five high quality painted stroke brushes with the smallest image at 1800 pixels. file size is 19mb and was created in photoshop cs5 although it should work perfectly in other version Photoshop element included.

  • Splatter Set

    New splatter containing 11 brushes. created by ayevanity. download the zip file and unzip the abr to install.

  • Splatters Ps Brushes

    Free ps splatter brush by whatsname from deviantart. you may download them for free howver to use these photoshop brushes for commercial use please visit the authorsp profile.

  • Cup Stains

    Add realistic cup stains to your website templates, prints, and photos! This set of Photoshop brushes contains a variety of both thick and thin cup stains. Download this set of 105 high quality Photoshop brushes to add to your collection of Photoshop brus

  • O Negative Brushes

    O Negative blood splat brushes designed by Axeraider70.

  • Splatter brush

    Splatter brush For photoshop. Free download

  • Dirty ink brush

    Dirty ink brush

  • Spatter Hearts Brushes

    Splatter brushes in the shapes of lovely hearts.

  • Ps Grunge brush

    Grunge brush

  • Paint Lines brushes

    PaintLines contains 24 HQ brushes (resolution about 2500px) brushes compatible with PS 7 and up!

  • Splatter Brushes

    yet another high quality set in the splatter set series; this time containing 13 never before seen line-splatters by works in photoshop cs to cs5

  • Splatter Brushes

    Great set of 17 unique photoshop-brushes created in cs4 by

  • Flow&Dirty

    20 high quality Photoshop brushes

  • Ink Brush CS4

    Ink Splatter’s brush set is collection of 11 brush which I made using BLACK INK on paper and scan it and made brush in PS-CS4. U can use as u want, have fun with it. cheers.

  • Splatters Stains

    A new set of free brushes is made of 12 large splatters and stains brushes. They can be used to create lots of different designs. Compatible with Photoshop CS3 and above.

  • Cherry Bomb

    Super cool Photoshop brushes in multiple shapes and dynamic effects. One of my favourite brushes as they are easy to use and allow to show some power or fantasy. Natural texture and color shades come out the best at the high resolutions. 1) These brushes are for non-commercial use, not for resale 2) High resolution…

  • Splatter Brushes

    This is my 2nd splatter brush set. I hope you like it. All 10 brushes are about 2500Px wide.

  • WG Splatter Vol1

    The set contains 15 pieces. All brushes are high resolution (around 2500×2500 px). The set is free for both personal and commercial use. Attribution is not required. Distribution is prohibited without written permission. For more freebiew visit

  • Viral Expansion

    My very first 5 brushes, all pretty high resolution. Please do not use commercially without permission from me.

  • Dried Blood Splatters

    These splatter brushes were created with watercolor dried on lightweight paper to simulate the look of dried blood. Like our Glossy Blood Splatter Photoshop brushes, these can be used to create blood, paint, or paint in UV light. This set contains 117 blood splatter brushes.

  • Spilled Milk Brushes

    making a mess with this exclusive brush set. These high-res brushes are great for adding a messy style to your designs and can be used in many creative ways. They make great mud or blood splatters as well. All brushes are between 1800-2500 pixels. These brushes were created by Stuart Rochford of exclusively…

  • Water Splashes

    10 “aqua-ish” brushes with some splashes, drops, water and other elements.

  • Broken Heart Brushes

    Make use of natural and unique texture of the ink in the brush. Higher resolution versions of the brush will bring out the texture even further.

  • Splatter Brushes

    Photoshop brush set containing 5 nice splatter brushes

  • Paint Borders

    PaintedBorders pack contains 9 BIG (~1200px) brushes compatible with PS 7 and up!

  • Splatter Brushes

    Watercolor splattered brushes for Photoshop. Made using Photoshop CS2.

  • Solid Splatter

    Solid Ink Splatter Photoshop brushes Add grunge to your artwork with this set of 50 artistic ink splatters. These ink splatters were created from acrylic ink then scanned at high resolution for excellent edge sharpness. Get your Solid Ink Splatter Photoshop today! – Works with Photoshop 5 or newer. High resolution brushes compatible with Photoshop…

  • Glossy Blood

    Liquid tempera artistically splattered on semi-smooth paper then immediately photographed for a glossy look. These brushes can be adjusted to look like acrylic paint, blood, or paint in UV light. Instructions and higher resolution blood splatter brushes available here

  • Ink Splatters

    High Res Ink Splatters created using real inks.

  • Splatter Strokes

    brush set made up of splatters and strokes. 29 brushes in total. Creative Commons (CC) license

  • Splatter Brush

    High resolution of very messy splatter brushes by corelila

  • Bloody Message

    5 bloody message brushes.

  • Blood splatters

    14 blood splatter textures with hand print.

  • Mixed Brushes

    Mixed vector pack, with splatters, stamps & mini coffee ring stains. these brushes work with Photoshop 7.0 up to CS4.

  • Splat Circles

    Funky splattered circles. its grungy and fluidy feel. great for pop-art, clean and grunge artworks. Terms of Use – if you want use my brush on your artwork, please credit