Worn lines

Today we are giving away a worn vector line Photoshop brush pack vol 1. Because the brushes are made in 2500px*2500px resolution and the set contains 20 brushes it will be released in 2 volumes. The pack is approximately 20 MB in size.



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6 responses to “Worn lines”

  1. Zaur Avatar

    Thanks friendssss

  2. Asiantv Avatar

    Wow! Free to use for personal or commercial use? Thanks for your generosity and for these cool brushes.

  3. […] Worn Lines, a 20MB download, includes ten 2,500 x 2,500 pixel brushes, and is available from QBrushes. Be sure to check out the multitude of great brushes available while you’re there. […]

  4. Property of the Web Avatar

    Those are some really nice brushes! Thanks